There are three ways to sell a lot of printing:*
1- You can offer the lowest prices and hope that the customer is only shopping price.
2- You can make more calls than anyone else and learn from your mistakes.
3- You can learn and practice the skills of those who are highly successful.
*Only one of these ways is profitable

In this course one of America's leading printing sales executives and teachers will guide you through one crucial skill set after another and show you how to use them to build a highly successful career in printing sales. Séan McArdle spent twenty years as a printing sales executive in companies with sales ranging from five million dollars to more than a billion. He capped his career with three straight years of sales exceeding $100 million.

In this exciting course, you will be treated to the sales knowledge, skills and techniques used by the top sales executives in the world. You can learn them and use them to take your sales to the very top of your industry.

The course is divided into four parts. Each one builds on the next so that you come away with a concrete plan for using each step to increase your sales immediately.

Part One - Prospecting in the Modern Business World
In this section, Séan unlocks the secrets to finding the markets that can make you and your company a fortune. He shows you how to find more qualified prospects in three minutes than you can call on in a lifetime. Then you will learn how to create immediate interest and long term relationships in a world where voice mail and gatekeepers rule.

In This Section, You Will Learn:
• How to use valuable databases to find the most profitable customers.
• How to create immediate interest on the part of the prospect.
• How to bypass voice mail and get to the decision-makers.
• How to sell an organization from the top down.
• How to use creative and simple sales tools to get big results.
• How to sell multiple jobs at once.
• How to pre-frame the prospect to expect the very best from you and your company.
• How to use the World Wide Web to close the biggest customers.
• How to use contact software to make yourself a selling machine.

Part Two - Cutting Your Sales Cycle in Half
Most sales people in printing spend far too much time quoting and far too little time building value in the minds of their prospects. In this segment, Séan will show you how to find out how much the buyer buys and how to sell the buyer quickly. Using techniques designed to make the customer feel comfortable immediately, you can find out everything you need to know in just a few calls and get down to the important business of closing business.

In This Section, You Will Learn:
• How to use objections to make the prospect feel good.
• How to get a prospect involved in your value from the first phone call.
• How to get an appointment with everyone you want to do business with.
• How to use voice mail to get appointments and make sales.
• How to get the prospect from "hello" to "yes" in half the time it takes you now.
• Why you want the prospect to visit your plant.
• Why prospects use price as an objection.
• How to use price objections to close a sale immediately.
• How to sell the biggest buyers and keep them as customers.

Part Three - The "Sales Triangle"
There are three things that every printing sales person should do every day of his or her career. In this segment, Séan will outline the "Sales Triangle" and show you how to use it to build current accounts and develop new accounts that will have an immediate impact on your top and bottom lines. He will show you how to become the architect of a sales day that will bring you the results you want for a lifetime. You will learn about the little things that top printing salespeople do that others either don't know about or are simply unwilling to do.

In This Section, You Will Learn:
• How to design your sales day to optimize the use of your time.
• How to stop wasting your time and start making new sales.
• How to identify five top prospects in your market and sell them all on doing business.
• How to identify your top five growth customers and double your sales with them.
• How to make contact with one new prospect every day of your career.
• How to design a "paddle-wheel" of sales techniques for each group to sell all of them.
• How to take control of your career and your life.
• How to work reasonable hours with huge sales results.

Part Four - Negotiating Skills
The number one sales skill of the master salesperson is negotiation. Everything you want from others must be negotiated. In this segment, Séan will unlock this unique secret of the super successful and show you how you can put it to work in your career and your life to get what you want. You will start to close more sales from the very first time you use these skills.

In This Section, You Will Learn:
• How to negotiate an appointment on the very first call.
• How to use the vital elements of the negotiation process and how to actuate them.
• How to use the negotiation process to generate the buying impulse in others.
• How to accomplish things with everyone you deal with in half the time.
• How to sell your printing at profitable prices and make customers feel good about it.
• How to use the elements of time, information and power to negotiate winning sales.
• How to identify and use the winning tactics of the top negotiators.
• How to use effective counter tactics to close sales and get agreements.
• How to negotiate better and bigger deals for you and your company.
• How to use negotiation skills to sell the biggest buyers in your market place.

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