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Enrollment Deadline: Jan 15, 2004

LifeAnswers offers several different levels of printing sales consulting for small, medium and large graphic arts companies seeking to turbo-charge growth through a sure-fire method of creating customers. The programs are led by Séan McArdle, the "$100 Million Printing Salesman," and have helped boost the results of both struggling firms and companies who have an eye on avoiding the complacency that success can create.

In too many other consulting engagements, the sales guru whose knowledge and systems you covet has commitments with many different companies at the same time, and you are left in the hands of an associate to move your people toward success. With LifeAnswers sales consulting, you get Séan each and every time. He devotes himself and his time to no more than four concurrent consulting clients to ensure a focus and commitment to your success. Click here to learn more about the ways that Sean's consulting program, The Sales Acquistion System, can serve your unique needs:

LifeAnswers is proud to offer the most comprehensive sales training and seminar services available to the printing and graphic arts industries. The flagship instructor of our organization is Séan McArdle, known far and wide as the "$100 Million Printing Salesman." Having sold all types of printing for more than 20 years, Séan is credited with selling more than $100 million worth of printing in each of his last three years in the business. To our knowledge, that kind of success was unprecedented at the time. The reasons for his success are many, but it all starts with the selling system that he developed and refined over time. This same system can be used by your people, in your marketplace to help you get a leg up on your competition and grow the sales and profits of your company.

During the past several years, Séan has worked with scores of companies of all sizes to help them employ an effective, manageable system to grow their sales at a higher rate than ever before. In that time, the companies that have been committed to the system, known as The Art & Science of Printing Sales, have reported tremendous results. Training with Séan is customized to meet the needs of your printing company in the shape of half, one and two day programs that can be run once or staggered over a period of time. Whether you are in the market for a seminar at a regularly scheduled sales meeting or conference, or you are looking for a new and dynamic way to jump-start your sales team, we have a solution for you.

Séan also works with Seth Tower, a top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) expert, to help train companies who require assistance in implementing or enhancing their CRM and SFA efforts. Seth and Séan have even designed a software package to work seamlessly with Séan's selling system and integrate your selling with easy-to-use contact management.

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The Art & Science of PRINTING SALES
Advanced Selling and Negotiating
Negotiation: The Art & Science of Getting What You Want
Customer-Oriented Printing: Creating Value Through Teamwork
The Way of the Rainmaker

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