Do you have new technology in your plant that is just dying to be used? Are your salespeople not equipped with the knowledge needed to fill the time on your variable data and direct-to-plate machines?

You may have a lot invested in these new technologies, but if your salespeople do not have the skills to sell enough work to keep the iron hot, you might as well send it all back to the manufacturer. In The Art & Science of DIGITAL PRINTING SALES, Séan will give you his proven, step-by-step approach for selling today's latest technology. In the process, he will help you multiply your prospect base and close them in half the time. This presentation is a terrific investment in training your people how to be more savvy in selling your technology to the prospects who are most likely to buy it.

You Will Learn How To:
• Match your technology to the most likely users
• Become more creative with how you find solutions for your customers
• Be adept at selling shorter runs at higher profit margins
• Consistently fill your pipeline without cold-calling
• Use technology to out-sell your competition
• Prepare a "Format for Success" in each sales situation
• Build beliefs that will take you to the top of your field

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