Would you like to employ a system to identify and call on ten times as many prospects as you do today? How about closing those prospects in half the time? What if all of your salespeople sold as much as your top person? And, what if your top salesperson sold just 10% more? What would a system to sell more effectively to your most profitable marketplace be worth?

The answers to these questions can determine the difference between an exciting future for your company or another bearable year. And if you think your business volume is only driven by the current economic conditions, think again. In The Art & Science of PRINTING SALES, Séan McArdle will give you his proven, step-by-step approach to selling more prospects in half the time. The presentation by one of America's leading printing salesmen will jump-start every person in the room and have them creating and maintaining higher sales levels within ninety days of employing Séan's system.

You Will Learn How To:
• Consistently fill your prospect pipeline without cold-calling
• Design and deliver a winning sales call
• Use contact software technology to out-sell your competition
• Understand and use the "Circularity of Communication"
• Become steeped in the system of "Paddle Wheel Selling"
• Build the belief system of proven winners
• Master the "30-Second Commercial"
• Quickly and accurately size-up personalities and behavioral
tendencies of your prospects

To learn more about this program, contact LifeAnswers on 800-347-9193 or email customer.service@lifeanswers.com.

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