Very few things in business are more exciting than watching a Rainmaker at work. Listen and learn as one of the Printing Industry's true Rainmakers unfolds the secrets to making the largest sales. In this unique allegory for making things grow, Séan McArdle unlocks the Way of the Rainmaker for you and your sales team. You will be spellbound when you realize that the difference between selling and making rain is more about how you do what you do, than it is about your customers.

This program will have your people thinking in a whole new way about sales calls, opportunities and their marketplace. If you think your best people have the ability to become even better than they are, send them to this prestigious printing sales program. Your top performers will latch onto little-known techniques to attack the largest opportunities with better preparation and the right words at the right time with a more confident delivery. Graduates of The Rainmaker Seminar will take their companies to new levels. And, you'll take a personal journey toward a richer, more fulfilling life as your perspective on everything that surrounds your circumstances changes for the better.

Find out how you can make the largest sales and build the most valuable long-term relationships with the biggest organizations in the world.

You Will Learn How To:
• Position yourself in the marketplace exactly where
the biggest deals are made
• Create a state of mind that makes you unstoppable
• Create a buying belief in others "on purpose"
• Use the powerful closing tools of Framing, De-Framing
and Re-Framing
• Apply the Simple Disciplines of The Rainmaker
• Become the architect of a perfect selling day

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