The Sales Acquisition System is the only program of its kind. It is designed for companies that are serious about having a standard selling system, higher profit margins, more professional salespeople, and a system of checks and balances. The Sales Acquisition System creates accountability in an industry where there are so many variables that less-than-stellar performance can easily fall through the cracks and tangle up an otherwise efficient organization. It is anticipated that a company that consistently utilizes this system will increase its sales by at least 10% as a direct result of the methods promoted throughout this program.

Designed to meet the demands of a changing industry, The Sales Acquisition System has expanded the breadth of the training for companies who are seeking a well-rounded, comprehensive program for creating new sales, increasing profitability regardless of the economic climate, and increasing the penetration into current accounts.

One of the unique values of having Séan McArdle teach this program for your company is that no other sales trainer or sales training organization quite understands what it is like to work for or sell for a printing company to the extent that Séan does. The respect and credibility that Séan commands from those whom he trains is integral in getting them to put into practice the system that he promotes . . . the system that he used to sell more than $100 million worth of printing in three consecutive years.

The Printing Sales Acquisition System is:
1. Simple
2. Consistent
3. Measurable
4. Comprehensive
5. Profitable

It can be divided into six or twelve months, depending on your standards for continuity and the depths to which you'd like to integrate the system. In month one, the training is conducted for two days, and in subsequent months, the training runs for one full day per month. In months 2-6 or 2-12, seminars are held in the morning, and the afternoons are dedicated to sales and management coaching. The coaching is for individuals and small groups to refine the system and to devote time to specific situations and opportunities facing the management and the sales staff that require counsel from Séan.

Topics covered in the program include, but are not limited to:
· The Art & Science of Printing Sales
· Advanced Selling and Negotiation
· Effective Time Management for Salespeople
· Ultimate Closing Skills

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