Séan McArdle's newest program for the printing industry focuses on how a printing company can better serve its customers by utilizing its greatest strength - its people. This powerful training program emphasizes bringing your key personnel together to do the extra things necessary to achieve and possibly surpass your vision for your company. Teamwork, combined with clear, efficient personal communications between salespeople, CSRs, management and production personnel will ultimately be reflected back upon your customers - creating more value than ever before.

After experiencing Customer-Oriented Printing, your employees will be boiling over with tools to deliver value to your marketplace. And, Séan will have changed your employees' perceptions of their roles in their relationships with your customers and their departments.

You Will Learn How To:
• Recognize how individual jobs relate to the ultimate value that your printing company delivers to the marketplace
• Enhance communication between departments, especially sales and customer service, to become a team of problem-solvers
• Use teamwork to increase sales and the "value-added sale"
• Share the knowledge of your people to increase corporate effectiveness
• Benefit from the truisms that "Service equals Value" and "Customer Loyalty is the Ultimate Goal"

To learn more about this program, contact LifeAnswers on 800-347-9193 or email customer.service@lifeanswers.com.

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